B u s i n e s s

Threads of Hope is registered as a non-profit business, which means that all profit needs to go back into the business.

We make bags, home textiles, and accessories in locally produced natural materials, such as cotton and linen, as we want to be considerate of the environment and support the local trade and community. It is important to us that both materials and the craft are of high quality and we constantly strive to improve our models, techniques and skills.

Most of our sales are through our web-shop www.threadsofhope.gr/shop and we are excited to have customers from several countries around the globe.

All our employees have completed the Threads of Hope training program. As they have passed through the various level of training they are employed progressively until they reach full employment.  During this first year of transition we rely financially on our sponsorship program Sponsor Freedom.


Threads of Hope is part of Freedom Business Alliance, 


a network of businesses with the purpose to fight human trafficking or commercial exploitation.