Trunk Show

What is a trunk show? 

A Threads of Hope trunk show is a gathering in your home, your workspace or a local venue where people come together to connect, shop and talk about the important issues of human trafficking in Europe. But don’t worry important things are happening, so have fun and be part of the change.


How a trunk show works!

You email Threads of Hope and tell us about your party; When and where you will host your party and how many people you think will attend.


We then build you a package of sample items for you to display at your party (these items can be sold at your party).  


As the host you will receive a Threads of Hope item for free as a thank you gift from us to you. Either one of the items sent to you or by writing on the order HOST GIFT in the payment section.

Along with your items, we will send you information about Threads of Hope to display at your party along with a digital trunk show kit that includes order forms, price lists and more things for you to print before your party.

You host your party, you have a wonderful time, you sell lots of lovely products. You then email us a list of the orders received and we get to work making these.


All items are then shipped to you or a designated person who will sort and distribute all the items unless specified on the order form.

We will make your order top priority and depending on how many items sold we hope to send your items within a week but sometimes this can take longer. 

You receive your order; everyone is happy and you and your friends host other Threads of Hope trunk shows.