About Threads of Hope

> When did Threads of Hope start?

Threads of Hope started as a project in in 2012 to provide training to women who were living in exploitive conditions in Athens. In 2014 Threads of Hope was registered as a non-profit business and employed 3 girls. It has grown over the years to the company you see today.

> What happens to the profits from Threads of Hope?

As a non-profit business we are required by Greek law that all profit goes back into the business, to cover salaries of the women training and working and to cover other costs related to running Threads of Hope.

> How do I receive updates from Threads of Hope?

There is a newsletter sign up form at the bottom of our home page. Or send us an email at info@threadsofhopehellas.org asking to be added to the newsletter.

> I signed up to the newsletter but I haven’t been receiving the emails.

Have you checked your junk mail? Or maybe it’s us. Send us an email at info@threadsofhopehellas.org and we will look into this for you.

Product Care Tips

> How good is the quality of Threads of Hope products?

It is important to us to keep a high quality of our products. Our fabrics are mainly locally produced, and we use natural materials, such as cotton and linen. We strive for the highest standards of workmanship. We have quality control systems implemented to ensure high standards are maintained.

> Where does your fabric come from?

We source most of our fabric from a local shop here in Athens, Greece. It is always either 100% Greek cotton or 100 % linen.

> How do I clean my Threads of Hope product?

Always follow the care instructions you will find in your product.
As many our products are made in 100% cotton, they are machine washable, but do allow for 5-10 % shrinkage. Leave to dry naturally and all should be well with your product.

Orders and Delivery

> How can I pay for my product?

All payments are made through Paypal.

> I don't have a PayPal account, what do I do?

You don't need to have a PayPal account to pay by credit/debit card through PayPal. Simply follow the payment instructions on the PayPal website and payment can be made with ease in a matter of minutes.

> Do I have to pay import duties or taxes for orders?

We ship our packages 'delivery duty unpaid' (DDU) and any custom duties and taxes are regulated and issued by your government, not the Greek government. Unfortunately, these fees are beyond our control and we are unable to even make an estimate as to what these charges will be. That depends on the items, the country, and the discretion of the country’s customs officials.

> I see the bag I want but not in the right fabric. Is it possible to custom order?

Absolutely. Send us an email to info@threadsofhopehellas.org

> I would like to make a bulk order? Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes. Just email us at info@threadsofhopehellas.org with details of what you would like and how many. Please note bulk orders take longer to complete.

> How often are orders shipped?

If your product is in stock it will be sent the next working day. For large orders, or custom-made orders, we hope to have them done within one business week. We will keep you informed if anything changes.

> Are products from Threads of Hope tax-deductible?

No, products purchased through Threads of Hope are not tax deductible. However, if you would like to support us with a donation you can do so through EME Ministries which is tax deductible. Just be sure to write Threads of Hope in the memo line.

Get Involved

> How can I be involved at Threads of Hope?

There is a place for everyone in the women’s story of freedom. If you are buying one bag or one hundred bags, you are contributing to the change
Alternatively, you could fundraise for us. Is there a walk or run or climb in your area? Could you hold a bake sale or bag sale? Could you host a fundraiser at your local school or church or community centre? If you are interested in fundraising for us, contact us at info@threadsofhopehellas.org .

> I am coming to Athens. Can I volunteer my time?

We would love you to get in touch! - info@threadsofhopehellas.org

It is difficult for visitors to get involved in the daily work of Threads of Hope. We want to be sensitive to the women who work there. For the safety and security of our women you will not be permitted access to the work room, unless visits are out of working hours.

However, if you want to hear first hand the story of Threads of Hope, we can arrange a time for you to come and see the workshop or buy our amazing products after the women have finished.

If you are planning on coming to Athens for a longer period and would like to be involved, please, contact us at the above email.