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COVID-19 what’s happening in Athens

The Greek government acted quickly when the COVID-19 outbreak started in Italy. Greece understood the severity of the virus and acted quickly. The Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said ‘Years of austerity has caused major problems in the public healthcare systems, employment in the public hospitals are extremely low and would not cope with a major outbreak of COVID-19’. Many Greek citizens either live with or close to elderly relative and therefore it was extremely important to stop the movement of citizens to control the spread.

Timeline of COVID-19

26th February - Greece report fist cases of COVID-19. A woman from Thessaloniki who had recently returned from Italy.

27th February - Minister of Health cancels all events and parades throughout Greece.

28th February – First cases announced in Athens.

10th March - The government announced the closure of all educational facilities.

12th March – First death as a result of COVID-19.

13th March - Closure of all bars, cafes, restaurants, museums, shopping centers, and museums.

16th March – Closure of all retail shops.

19th March – Closure of all hotels.

22nd March – No non-essential movement, closure of all parks, recreation areas and marinas.

23rd March – Citizens may only circulate outside their homes for the following eight reasons:

  1. Going to and from work during work hours.

  2. Going to a pharmacy or a scheduled medical appointment.

  3. Going to a store for basic goods, when there is no home delivery.

  4. Going to the bank if an online transaction is not possible.

  5. Going to help out people in need.

  6. Going to an event such as a wedding, baptism, funeral or such, in accordance with the law.

  7. Going out to exercise or to walk a pet, and only singly or by two. In the latter case, keeping a distance of 1.5 meters between the walkers/runners.

  8. Moving back to one’s main residence.

31st March - Death toll at 49 with 1314 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

02nd April – Ban on all swimming, water sports, and fishing.

08th April – 81 deaths – 1832 confirmed cases.

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