• Threads of Hope Hellas

FREE ways to help small business.

1. Like us! Our Facebook page (here), our Instagram (here), our twitter (here)

2. Share our posts. All of them.

3. Like our pictures. Every one.

4. Comment on everything. Words of encouragement or a cheery note, we love these.

5. Review a product you have brought or given as a gift. Ask the gift receiver to do the same. We know you will love our products and if there is someway we can make them better, let us know.

6. #threadsofhope - Who doesn't love a hashtag?

7. Google Freedom business Athens. Google searches boost our online presence. The more people who hear about us the more we can do.

8. Tell people. Tell them of the work we are doing and the people we are helping. Let people know slavery still exists and we are fighting for change.

9. Write something for us or about us. If you have a blog or large social media following. If you know someone who has why not ask them to say something nice about us.

10. Visit us in Athens. You don't have to buy anything; but you will probably want to.

11. Volunteer your time. We have a million things to do everyday. From childcare to graphics. You don't have to be here with us in Athens. If you have a skill and some free time, send us an email: info@threadsofhope.gr

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