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Kids in the kitchen

Working in the kitchen with kids can get messy! I know because I have two kids who love to cook but also love to play. Pizza is our favourite thing to make together; kneading dough, cutting veg, sprinkling cheese but boy do we make a mess. Cleaning up is not my favourite thing to do so it is really important to me that before we start with the flour we put on aprons. When the whirlwind of pizza making if over, I toss everything in the washing machine because who has time for a clothing change?

While children can wear aprons to help in a real kitchen, a younger child can also wear them while playing pretend. Imagine their delight in cooking pretend cakes and serving them to you while dressed as a real chef.

Not only are these aprons great in the kitchen many a grandparent I know, or sitter swear by these aprons when painting or messy play. They not only protect the clothes your little one is wearing they set them up ready to play and create.

Threads of Hope Hellas Aprons come in a variety of colours and in two different sizes 10-12 & 4-6. Like the adult apron, they come with an adjustable neck and waist strap for the tallest and the shortest and are made using 100% cotton fabric so wash well and dry quickly.

We want to help carers of children create memories so purchase an apron today and get to it. Embrace the mess!

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