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Let me tell you about my apron

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I have 4 aprons (along with countless kitchen towels, but that’s another story). I have 2 messy aprons for everyday wear, these I wear to keep my clothes clean, dry my hands or clean a knife. I use them to pull hot pans out of the oven and I’ve even wiped a bleeding nose. Then I have another 2 that I use when I have friends or family coming round the times when I want to look a bit more respectable and like I have got it all together.

The Threads of Hope aprons:

Made from 100% cotton this means it’s lightweight so you can wear it comfortably until it’s a mess, throw it in the washing machine as your passing, and hang it outside (or inside) to dry ready for your next need. It is the perfect material.

Adjustable straps for the long, the short, the husky and the slim

Big pocket at the front an important function to keep all your essential items close by.

Comes in many colours for even the most fashion-conscious person.

Imagine you’re super busy 15 things to do in the next 20 minutes. You’re running from room to room, you need a pen, that tissue needs throwing in the trash, where are your glass, your watch, your mobile phone? Make a habit of wearing an apron and I don’t think I’m over exaggerating when I say it will change your life. Everything you need is in your front pocket, the trash you see lying around can be picked up as you go and stored until your close to a bin. The mobile phone is at hand playing your favourite, you found a pen hiding under the sofa, your glasses move from head to pocket but at least the are close. Whether you spend a lot of time during the day inside the kitchen or if you’re the busy on the go type putting an apron is something you should be doing when inside the house.

Spotlight on Aprons is giving 10% discount on all aprons; adult and child for the month of October.

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Threads of Hope Hellas exists to support trafficked and exploited women find freedom and employment. The woman making your new apron will have already graduated from the training program (read about it here) and be employed in the Threads of Hope Hellas business where she will always be valued, respected and receive a fair wage. 100% of sales go directly to providing more job opportunities and job training to survivors.

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